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Fire Pit Orders will ship within 2-5 days of order date. 

The propane Fire Pit is a fun answer to the bulky fire pits available on the market.  We wanted a fire pit that was easy to assemble, easy to store and light weight.   

The Fire Pit by TemboTusk is made from Stainless Steel and is designed to be used as a propane fire pit only.  The Kit includes the flat pack fire pit, a 20,000 BTU burner, a 4' stainless steel braided  propane hose with regulator and a high quality carry bag. 

The assembled fire pit measures 12" long by 10" wide and 7" tall.  The fire pit includes a bottom wind guard, a diffuser plate and its own Stainless-Steel Flame trees and fire rocks with bag.  The fire pit slots together and packs flat. 

The Carry Bag is made from an extremely durable dual layer heavy weight material with padding to protect both the Fire Pit and the vehicle it is stored in. Marine  grade thread is used for rough outdoor environments and the bag comes with a sturdy handle for transport.  The closures are YKK zippers.   The fire pit carry bag has two internal sections; one for the stainless steel fire pit parts and the other for the propane hose.   The Bag is 12.5" x 14" x 2" , so it can fit in a storage drawer, AluBox, Front Runner Wolf Pack or behind your seat in the vehicle.  The TemboTusk Fire Pit takes very little room for storage. 


What comes with the Fire Pit Kit?

1:  Two Stainless Steel end pieces 
2:  Two Stainless Steel side pieces (that slot  into the end pieces)
3:  S.S. flame diffuser
4:  S.S. bottom wind guard 
5:  Stainless-Steel Flame trees
6:  Burner with a 3/8" flared fitting
7:  Stainless Steel 4' braided  propane hose with regulator
8:  Cotton Bag with fire rocks. 
9:  Heavy duty carry bag


How to use your TemboTusk Fire Pit
(Do not use in high winds)

 The Stainless-Steel Fire Pit comes flat packed in its own carry bag. 

1: Remove all the parts from the bag. 

2: Assemble the parts by inserting the sides of the firepit into the end pieces one at a time.  Making sure the bottom of the fire pit come together.  Drop in the angled wind guard.

3: Insert the burner pipe into the fire pit through the large keyhole and lock the end cap into the other side.  The burner pipe has a notch milled into it to secure it into the keyhole.  Make sure the burner holes are facing up.

4: Drop in the flame diffuser over the burner, using the slot to secure the diffuser in place.

5:  Assemble the Stainless-Steel Flame trees and place over the diffuser. 

6: connect the 3/8” gas connector to the burner. 

7:  Making sure all valves are set to OFF.  Connect the gas hose and regulator to the propane bottle. 

8: To light:  Carefully open the gas valve and adjust gas flow with the regulator knob.  Use a long BBQ lighter or Tembo tusk Arc lighter to ignite the first holes in the burner.  Adjust flame to a desired height.  Never open the valve to its fully open position.

9: Enjoy the Fire Pit responsibly.

10: allow to cool before disassembly and packing.  Keep a pair of gloves in the bag to keep soot off hands. 

Remember:  The Fire Pit is not a cooking device.  The burner emits soot not suitable for cooking.    If you must cook, please use one of our TemboTusk Skottle Grills! 


The TemboTusk Fire Pit is made from Stainless steel.  Wipe off any soot to clean or place the parts in the dishwasher.  Do Not place the burner in the dishwasher.


 How long will a gas bottle last?

The Fire Pit is rated at 20,000 BTUs

1 pound bottle will last approximately 1 hour

 5 pound bottle will last approximately 5 hours

 10 pound bottle will last approximately 10 hours

 20 pound bottle will last approximately 20 hours



Only use hose supplied with your Fire Pit. It is designed to work with a LP Gas Cylinder and is a Type-1 connection device with the following features:

  1. The system will not allow gas flow from the cylinder until a positive connection to the cylinder valve has been made. NOTE: The cylinder valve must be turned off (clockwise) before any connection is made or removed. 
  2. A flow limiting device, when activated, restricts the flow of gas. To reset, turn the regulator valve to off position. 

If you have any issues with your hose or regulator, please contact TemboTusk at


Rules to Live By:

  1. Never leave your TemboTusk Firepit unattended.
  2. Never use the Fire Pit indoors. ((Carbon Monoxide) For OUTDOOR USE ONLY.
  3. Adult use only.  Children are not to operate the Fire Pit. 
  4. Before attaching the propane canister check to make sure all your valves are in the OFF position and that the hose is in good working condition.
  5. Make sure all fittings are snuggly attached.
  6. Always light  the burner on the lowest setting.
  7. Use a long BBQ lighter or Tembo Tusk Arc lighter and light at the first hole on burner closest to the gas inlet.
  8. Wait for your Fire Pit to completely cool before touching it.
  9. This is not a cooking device.
  10. Always check with local law enforcement regarding fire restrictions.


Never use the Fire Pit indoors.  Carbon Monoxide is deadly. 



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