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SuperPro Fixed Offset UCA Set

SuperPro Fixed Offset UCA Set


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05+ Tacoma

Fixed Offset Arms fitted with Uprated Ball Joints and SuperPro Bushes to reduce Arm movement

SuperPro's fixed offset UCA set brings front end alignment and suspension geometry back into an ideal spec for Tacomas lifted 1" to 3" over stock.

TRC6490 provides an additional 2.5° of positive caster and -0.5° of negative camber compared to the OEM arm set

Utilizing maintenance free SuperPro bushings and a uprated high-articulation ball joint the SuperPro UCAs are built to perform and offer superior durability on your favorite trail and superior road manners and on-road handling on the road tirp to get there or on your daily commute.

Designed and developed in Australia incorporating nearly 5 decades of SuperPro's industry-leading suspension expertise.

Key Features
Fixed offset alignment correction arms
Heavy Duty Construction
In-built camber and caster change to suit lifted vehicle
Improved ball joint position for high lift vehicles
Increased clearance between spring and Control Arm at full articulation
Heavy Duty, high articulation ball joint
SuperPro Bushings
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