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Putco Molle Grip Clamp Kits

Putco Molle Grip Clamp Kits


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MOLLE Grip Clamp Kits
  • Heavy Duty Quick Fist Clamps: Constructed out of transportation-grade rubber able to withstand any type of climate or UV exposure.
  • Molle Mount Heavy Duty Construction PA66/GF30: Constructed out of fiber-reinforced polymer, easily exceeding the weight capacity of the clamp.
  • All hardware Included:  Each Quick Fist Clamp includes a Putco Molle Mount and 1/4″ hardware.
  • Mounting simplified: Direct fit mounting solution for shovels, axes, flashlights, rachets, rifles, shotguns, hammers, tactical equipment, fire-fighter equipment, and much much more.
  • Simple Install: No drill, No cutting, Easy bolt-on installation!
  • Warranty: Built to last years of heavy loads in rough terrain with Putco’s 3-year warranty.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Small kit:  Qty 2 Molle Grips with Qty 2 Molle Mounts and hardware (holds objects with a diameter from 5/8″ to 1 3/8″).
Medium Kit: Qty 2 Molle Grips with Qty 2 Molle Mounts and hardware (holds objects with a diameter from 1″ to 2 1/4″).
Large Kit: Qty 1 Molle Grips with Qty 1 Molle Mounts and hardware (holds objects with a diameter from 2 3/4″ to 3 1/4″).
Or get all 3 kits! with everything shown above.


Skip the bungee cords and secure your crucial gear and tools like a pro with the new  Putco MOLLE Grips. Manufactured out of heavy-duty grade rubber and heavy-duty FRP ( Fiber-reinforced polymer), these were designed to withstand the adverse climate temperatures and UV rays they will be very likely be exposed to. Each kit can hold 50-to 150lbs per kit. Securing your critical gear to a molle panel has never been this easy.

Each Molle Grip includes our patented Molle Mount plate that allows the quick and ultra-secure installation to a molle panel. These plates are compatible with a vast array of existing products including different brands of molle panels, but Putco guarantees the performance of these mounting points to meet or exceed military duty applications when used with our best-in-class Putco Molle Panels.

These Molle Grips are the ultimate solution when trying to secure and organize all your crucial gear for Overlanding or Emergency and Miltary equipment like: shovel, ax, flashlight, rachet, rifle, shotguns, tactical equipment, hammers, and much much more.  Your gear will be ready and in place when you must need it.

Each kit is backed by Putco’s three-year warranty.

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