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Landing Mat

Landing Mat


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Roll out the Roam Landing Mat and elevate your basecamp experience. Perfect for the beach, the desert, the mountains, or even a soccer game.

The Roam Landing Mat helps transform your campsite, outdoor event, or tailgate into your own personal base camp. It features a waterproof base that is tough and can stand up to all the elements. It has an EVA foam core that makes it comfortable to sit, stand, or lay on. The top body fabric is durable but soft and still is easy to clean off if you do get it dirty. Fold and roll it up to stow it in a compact area.


Rather than taking the easy route and settling for just one material, we decided to go the extra mile and choose two. Why, you ask? Well, Mother Nature doesn't cut any slack, and we wanted a base fabric that could withstand the harshest conditions of your adventurous landscapes. It had to be water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, and tough, so you don't have to be. But why stop there?Choosing the top fabric was a no-brainer because we believe you deserve the best. Our selected top fabric possesses all those same rugged qualities but with a touch of luxury for your feet. You'll appreciate the difference when you kick off your shoes and revel in the comfort it provides. We've got your back, from toughness to tender comfort.


Similar to your vehicle floor mats, the Roam Landing Mat is designed for easy maintenance. When it gets dirty, hose it off. It's your reliable outdoor floor mat.


What sets this thing apart? Some might attribute it to the robust materials, while others appreciate the thoughtful packaging system. But for us, it's all about the foam. We've incorporated a thin layer of foam – just enough to rid you of discomfort on a rocky mountain campsite, without adding so much that it becomes a packing nuisance. It's all about balance, and here's the beauty: you get to decide. Forgot to pack your buddy's sleeping pad? No problem; simply fold the mat to create a nice, thick foam pad. Versatility and comfort, hand in hand, just as you need it.


Let's keep things under control. When the wind decides to have its way and the weather throws a curveball, rest assured, we've got you covered. We've taken that into account and included a total of 8 bar-tacked stake locations, each stitch firmly in place. This ensures your Roam Landing Mat won't become the subject of the next campsite's UFO story on a gusty night.


Our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. Instead of opting for cumbersome, oversized plastic hardware, we chose the premium alternative. Slim, sturdy, and weatherproof-coated metal hardware ensures that your Roam Landing Mat remains sleek and compact, without any bothersome, bulky bumps. And to make transport even more convenient, we've thoughtfully designed an integrated carrying handle, so you can easily take it with you wherever your adventures lead. It's all about providing practical, top-quality solutions for your adventures.




    Water-resistant PVC base, ripstop nylon top, EVA foam center


    11" W x 11" L x 24" H


    8' W x 6' L

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