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Kinekt XR Active Suspension Seatpost

Kinekt XR Active Suspension Seatpost


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Kinekt suspension seat posts are the best in the biz and will make your JackRabbit ride as smooth as butter. Upgrade your JackRabbit with this seat post for a game-changing shock-absorber effect. Please note: this is a seat post and does not include a seat. 

We worked with the fine folks at Kinekt to create this seat post package designed specifically for JackRabbits. This seat post can support riders who weigh from 80-320lbs (36-145kg) and for taller riders from 5'2" to 6'6" (versus the 4'10" to 6'2" range of our stock seat post).

The diameter of this seat post is 27.2mm (the same as our stock seat post) and the length is 420mm. This makes the seat able to go higher than our normal seat, which is useful when sitting on the Kinekt because the suspension causes the seat to lower when body weight is applied to it.

If using this seat post with our rear basket accessory: the minimum rider height needs to be 5'4" in order for there to be enough room to attach the rear basket.

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