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 Introducing the 23ZERO Bushman, the pinnacle of innovation in car awning canopy design, now available in the spacious 78”x98” model. This premium awning is engineered with a focus on enhancing structural integrity and performance. Its modern, sleek design integrates a one-piece, extruded-aluminum body frame, setting a new standard for compactness and durability in the car awning canopy market. The Bushman awning stands out for its unmatched strength, eliminating the need for weaker rivets, ensuring it remains securely attached to your vehicle at all times.

Constructed from full E-coated aluminum, the Bushman awning features up to five sail rope tracks adaptable for a variety of extensions, including walls, strip lighting, annexes, and gear pockets, making customization easy and hassle-free. Its design incorporates flexible hinges, significantly reducing stress fatigue on both rafter and leg poles, enhancing longevity and reliability.

The 78”x98 Bushman car awning canopy introduces 23ZERO‘s innovative Light Suppression Technology (LST). This cutting-edge feature involves a special dark coating applied to the awning’s underside and the interior of the canvas walls, effectively blocking sunlight and UV rays. This technology, applied through a meticulous two-pass process that includes an anti-UV treatment, ensures a cooler environment underneath the awning, even on the hottest days.

  • A new, slimline design featuring a single-box, extruded aluminum awning body for maximum durability.
  • A twin-channel aluminum profile ensures secure and compact storage of poles.
  • End caps on aluminum profiles prevent exposure to sharp edges.
  • Exclusive LST coating on the underside of the awning canvas for superior climate control.
  • Polyamide flexible hinges designed to minimize stress on support structures.
  • High-quality 290gsm polycotton tear-check canvas.
  • 1500mm polyurethane coating for enhanced resistance to abrasion, UV, and mold.
  • Robust 600gsm laminated PVC transit cover with a #10 self-repairing coil zip.
  • Complete mounting kit included for hassle-free installation.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty.

Extended outward length from vehicle – 98 ”
Open dimensions – 98 ” L x 78 ” W, offering expansive coverage
Compact when packed – 78 ” W x 5 ” D x 6 ” H.
Lightweight design, weighing just 21 lbs, for easy handling and setup.

The 78”x98” Bushman Awning by 23ZERO is your ultimate solution for creating a versatile outdoor camping space, providing unmatched durability, convenience, and protection against the elements. Whether you’re camping, adventuring, or enjoying a day on the trail, this car awning canopy is MADE BETTER to elevate your overland experience.


Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 84 × 5 × 5 in
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