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Bugout 130™ Portable Solar Charger in Kryptek®

Bugout 130™ Portable Solar Charger in Kryptek®


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Park in the Shade, Charge in the Sun!

We've proudly teamed up with Kryptek as the preferred and exclusive solar manufacturer in pursuit of their mission to provide the best equipment from the battlefield to the backcountry.  Whether you're powering your elk camp in Alaska, or a member of a special missions unit, you can rely on both companies for the highest in quality and performance no matter where you are.

The Bugout 130™ Portable Solar Generator is built to withstand the harshest conditions rain or shine, whether you are a clumsy over-lander or depend on mission-critical power for military operations.

This portable solar kit generates enough power for most vehicle-based and small camper applications, putting up to 7 amps per hour into the battery.  When paired with our Solar Charge Controller, it will rapidly charge any 12-Volt battery.

In contrast to flexible solar systems, the Bugout 130™ Portable Solar Kit was designed to provide massive increases in power in a lightweight field-expedient kit.  The solar performance is unrivaled, generating power even in rain and snow.

Proudly made by us in Boise, Idaho the Bugout 130™ is all-weather big power when you need to charge much more than phones, tablets, and the GPS. The kit includes a 20-foot extension cable with SB50 and SAE connectors to plug into your camper solar plug, Dometic PLB40 Battery Pack, and other common portable battery systems. 

Package Includes

  • Bugout 130 Portable Solar Kit (Mini Anderson output)
  • 20 foot Mini Anderson to SB50 Anderson connection and SB50 Anderson to SAE adapter so you can directly plug into common solar outlets
  • Optional Solar Controller Bundle (select when adding to cart)


  • Double-Stitched D ring lashing points and grommets for securing, hanging, or doing pull-ups
  • Mini Anderson Output for International Use and Field-Expedient Improvisation
  • Assembled and Sewn in Boise, Idaho
  • 5 Year Warranty 


  • Cordura 1050D Ballistic Nylon (Barry Compliant)
  • 22 X 7.5 X 3.5 inches Closed
  • 22 X 68 Open 
  • 7.3 Pounds
  • 22.5 Volts (open output)
  • 23.7% cell efficiency

This system requires a solar charge controller to connect to a battery directly. Add the *MPPT Controller Bundle and all you need is a 12-volt battery! 

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