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Awning Bracket – AX27™, TX27 & DX27™ Tents

Awning Bracket – AX27™, TX27 & DX27™ Tents


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This Awning to Tent Bracket Set has been designed to be mounted to The Bush Company’s AX27™, TX27 and DX27™ Clamshell Rooftop Tents that have the ‘Ezi Slot’ channels in the frame of the tent which make fitment of accessories like awnings very easy with no drilling required. The awning bracket is universal so that it can be mounted to either the left or right hand side of the tent.  For 270 awnings such as The Bush Company’s 270 XT™ Awning and especially the 270 XT MAX™ Awning it is important that the awning bracket can not only support the weight of the awning in off-road conditions, but can also cope with the twisting motion of the awning on its hinge when in use.

The bracket is made from stainless steel supplied in three parts and comes with stainless steel bolts and nyloc nuts required for fitment.  The two large parts have been designed with a variety of laser cut holes and slots to be able to accommodate most brands of awning, these parts are attached to the side of the tent and can be positioned pointing either up or down depending on your needs and vehicle configuration.  If installed in the upward pointing position, the spring steel pole for the tent’s rainfly needs to have an additional ‘dog leg’ bent into it to avoid contact with the awning arms.  The corner bracket is installed on the corner of the tent where the hinge of the awning is located to provide additional strength and support for the awning when in use (see image) and is bolted to the rear section of the awning bracket. The bracket can also be use for standard 180 degree awning, in which case the corner section does not need to be fitted.

*Sold as a 3 Piece Set. 

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