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2018+ Jeep JL / JT Stock Battery Replacement Kit

2018+ Jeep JL / JT Stock Battery Replacement Kit


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Stock Battery Replacement Kit

for 2018+ Wrangler & Gladiator with Gas Engine
This kit replaces both of the stock batteries in the gas JL & JT with two Group 25 size batteries.

All wiring remains 100% stock, with no changes to the ESS (Engine Stop Start) system.

The kit will replace the stock plastic battery tray with our new heavy duty steel battery tray. This is the same battery tray that comes with our full dual battery system for the JL & JT.
This kit is perfect for Jeep owners who like the ESS system and do NOT want to disable it, but want to replace the troublesome small aux battery with a more reliable full sized battery. No more removing the factory fuse box or pulling out the inner fender liner to access your small battery!
Kit Contents
  • Steel battery tray to replace stock plastic tray
  • Top lid to securely hold two Group 25 batteries (sold separately)
  • Power & ground bus bars for accessory connections
Batteries: Requires 2 Group 25 batteries, sold separately
Battery Options:
  • Requires 2 Group 25 size batteries, any brand.
  • Batteries must be the same physical size for the lid to securely hold them in place
  • We recommend the Full Throttle FT750-25 or the Odyssey ODP-AGM25, or any other high quality AGM batteries
  • The Optima Red Top Group 25 and the Optima Yellow Top Group 75/25 will work, but due to their physically smaller size, they have far less capacity than other brands, and therefore we do not recommend Optima batteries with this kit.
  • Traditional wet lead acid batteries are NOT recommended
  • Note the stock battery is NOT compatible with this kit
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