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10 AMP MPPT Solar Charge Controller Bundle

10 AMP MPPT Solar Charge Controller Bundle


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Connect your Overland Solar Bugout 130 directly to a 12V battery with our plug-and-play MPPT Charge Controller Bundle.

Designed to maximize available solar power using maximum power point tracking technology, this controller is automatically charges your battery appropriately based on available power and stage of charge.  The kit includes two methods of connecting to your battery, either clamp directly or use the included SAE connection which is the most common connection for external charging campers and trailers.


  • Rugged, Water Resistant Housing
  • Wired and ready to plug into the solar charger and battery
  • "Set it and Forget it" - sets up in less than 1 minute with automatic settings
  • Comes with our standard warranty, 

Kit Includes

  • 10 amp controller with Anderson SB50 solar input and mini Anderson outbut
  • Large Alligator clamps with mini Anderson quick connect to the controller
  • Five Foot mini Anderson to SAE (female positive)


  • Maximum open circuit voltage - 56V
  • Maximum solar power - 130W
  • Boost Voltage - 14.4V
  • Float Voltage - 13.8V
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